Our Partners

Rezar Llukaçej

Founder & Managing Partner

Mr. Rezar Llukaçej is the Founder and Managing Partner of Kreston Albania.

He has a wide range of expertise from accounting to tax and audit, to project management, business start-ups, development, insolvency, and liquidation, with his specialty remaining Tax Advisory.

Mr. Llukaçej is a statutory licensed Auditor in Albania (IEKA), a statutory licensed Auditor in Kosovo, and an Administrator of Liquidation.

Ljubica Llukaçej

Strategic Partner

Ms. Ljubica Llukaçej is the Strategic Partner of Kreston Albania, also co-founding the company after extensive previous experience in the private banking sector.

Focused on sustainable development, Ms.Llukaçej is currently leading the implementation of the firm’s ESG Strategy.

Ms. Llukaçej is a Certified Accountant, a Fiscal Expert, and a statutory licensed Auditor in Albania (IEKA).

Nuriona Bërdica

Audit & Advisory Partner

Ms. Nuriona Bërdica is the Audit & Advisory Partner of Kreston Albania since 2019, possessing more than 20 years of experience offering audit services in Albania and the Balkans region, specializing in audits of large-scale corporations operating in the fields of energy, telecommunication, retail, and distribution.

Ms. Bërdica is a fellow of the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) and she is a statutory licensed Auditor in Albania (IEKA) and a statutory licensed Auditor in Kosovo.